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GLImageSink Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GLImageSink:
Inheritance graph
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List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void createControl ()
 GLImageSink (Pipeline &pipeline, int width, int height, unsigned long xid, const std::string &display)
bool handleBusMsg (_GstMessage *msg)
 This method is called by the GstBus listener when it has a new msg.
void showWindow ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void destroySink ()
Window getXWindow ()
bool hasWindow () const
 true if we're not using some external xwindow
void hideCursor ()
void makeDrawingAreaBlack ()
void makeFullscreen (_GtkWidget *widget)
void makeUnfullscreen (_GtkWidget *widget)
void showCursor ()
void toggleFullscreen ()
void toggleFullscreen (_GtkWidget *widget)
void updateDisplay (const std::string &display)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void destroy_cb (_GtkWidget *, void *data)
static int onWindowStateEvent (_GtkWidget *widget, _GdkEventWindowState *event, void *data)

Protected Attributes

_GtkWidget * drawingArea_
_GtkWidget * hbox_
_GtkWidget * horizontalSlider_
const Pipelinepipeline_
_GstElement * sink_
_GtkWidget * sliderFrame_
_GtkWidget * vbox_
_GtkWidget * window_

Private Member Functions

_GstElement * sinkElement ()

Static Private Member Functions

static int drawCallback (GLuint texture, GLuint width, GLuint height)
static int key_press_event_cb (_GtkWidget *widget, _GdkEventKey *event, void *data)
static int mouse_wheel_cb (_GtkWidget *widget, _GdkEventScroll *event, void *data)
static void resetGLparams ()
static int reshapeCallback (GLuint width, GLuint height)

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static GLfloat bottomCrop_
static const GLfloat INIT_BOTTOM_CROP
static const GLfloat INIT_LEFT_CROP
static const GLfloat INIT_RIGHT_CROP
static const GLfloat INIT_TOP_CROP
static const GLfloat INIT_X
static const GLfloat INIT_Y
static const GLfloat INIT_Z
static GLfloat leftCrop_
static GLfloat rightCrop_
static const GLfloat STEP
static GLfloat topCrop_
static int window_height_
static int window_width_
static GLfloat x_
static GLfloat y_
static GLfloat z_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file glVideoSink.h.

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