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RtpReceiver Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for RtpReceiver:
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Public Member Functions

void add (RtpPay *depayloader, const ReceiverConfig &config)
 RtpReceiver (const Pipeline &pipeline)
void setCaps (const char *capsStr)

Static Public Member Functions

static void enableControl ()
static void setLatency (int latency)
static void updateLatencyCb (_GtkWidget *scale)

Static Public Attributes

static const int INIT_LATENCY = 50
static const int MAX_LATENCY = 5000
static const int MIN_LATENCY = 1

Private Member Functions

const char * padStr (const char *padName) const
void printStatsVal (const std::string &idStr, const char *key, const std::string &type, const std::string &formatStr, _GstStructure *stats)
void registerSession (const std::string &codec)
std::string sessionName ()
void startPrintStatsCallback ()
virtual void subParseSourceStats (_GstStructure *stats)
void unregisterSession ()

Static Private Member Functions

static int createSinkSocket (const char *hostname, int port)
static int createSourceSocket (int port)
static _GstPad * getMatchingDepayloaderSinkPad (const std::string &srcMediaType)
static std::string getMediaType (_GstPad *pad)
static void onPadAdded (_GstElement *rtpbin, _GstPad *srcPad, void *data)
static void onSenderTimeout (_GstElement *, unsigned, unsigned, void *)

Private Attributes

_GstElement * depayloader_
const Pipelinepipeline_
bool printStats_
_GstPad * recv_rtcp_sink_
_GstPad * recv_rtp_sink_
_GstElement * rtcp_receiver_
_GstElement * rtcp_sender_
_GstElement * rtp_receiver_
_GstPad * send_rtcp_src_
int sessionId_
std::string sessionName_

Static Private Attributes

static std::list< _GstElement * > depayloaders_
static bool destroyed_ = false
static _GstElement * rtpbin_ = 0
static int sessionCount_ = 0
static std::map< int, RtpBin * > sessions_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file rtpReceiver.h.

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