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SenderConfig Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool capsOutOfBand ()
void capsOutOfBand (bool capsOutOfBand__)
int capsPort () const
void checkPorts () const
 Make sure there are no port clashes (at least as far as this process can tell)
void cleanupPorts () const
std::string codec () const
EncodercreateAudioEncoder (const Pipeline &pipeline, int bitrate, double quality) const
VideoEncodercreateVideoEncoder (const Pipeline &pipeline, int bitrate, int quality) const
bool hasCodec () const
std::string identifier () const
int port () const
const char * remoteHost () const
int rtcpFirstPort () const
int rtcpSecondPort () const
 SenderConfig (Pipeline &pipeline, const std::string &codec, const std::string &remoteHost, int port, const std::string &multicastInterface)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool capsMatchCodec (const std::string &encodingName, const std::string &codec)
 compares internal codec names and RTP-header codec names

Protected Attributes

const std::string codec_
const int port_
const std::string remoteHost_

Static Protected Attributes

static const int PORT_MAX = 65000
static const int PORT_MIN = 1024
static std::set< int > usedPorts_

Private Member Functions

bool handleBusMsg (_GstMessage *msg)
 This method is called by the GstBus listener when it has a new msg.
void sendCaps ()

Private Attributes

bool capsOutOfBand_
boost::scoped_ptr< CapsServercapsServer_
std::string message_
const std::string multicastInterface_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file remoteConfig.h.

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