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scenic::application::Application Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def before_shutdown
def check_if_ready_to_stream
def cleanup_after_rtp_stream
def disconnect_client
def format_midi_device_name
def format_v4l2_device_name
def get_last_message_received
def get_last_message_sent
def get_local_sampling_rate
def handle_accept
def handle_ack
def handle_bye
def handle_cancel
def handle_idle
def handle_invite
def handle_ok
def handle_refuse
def has_negotiation_in_progress
def has_session
def midi_is_supported
def on_connection_error
def on_server_receive_command
def on_streamer_state_changed
def on_streamers_stopped
def parse_midi_device_name
def parse_v4l2_device_name
def poll_camera_devices
def poll_jack_now
def poll_midi_devices
def poll_milhouse_maxchannels
def poll_x11_devices
def poll_xvideo_extension
def prepare_before_rtp_stream
def save_configuration
def send_accept
def send_ack
def send_bye
def send_cancel_and_disconnect
def send_idle
def send_invite
def send_refuse_and_disconnect
def set_supported_codecs
def start
def start_streamers
def stop_streamers

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _allocate_ports
def _check_if_all_disabled
def _check_protocol_version
def _free_ports
def _get_contact_by_addr
def _get_local_config_message_items
def _keep_tcp_alive
def _restore_v4l2_settings
def _start_the_application

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Main class of the application.

The devices attributes is a very interesting dict. See the source code.
@param force_previous_device_settings: Whether we should load previous V4L2 input and norm or not.

Definition at line 187 of file application.py.

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