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/* programOptions.cpp
 * Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
 * http://www.sat.qc.ca
 * All rights reserved.
 * This file is part of [propulse]ART.
 * [propulse]ART is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * [propulse]ART is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with [propulse]ART.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

#include "programOptions.h"
#include "videoSize.h"

namespace po = boost::program_options;

po::options_description ProgramOptions::createDefaultOptions()
    using std::string;
    static bool descriptionInitialized = false;
    static po::options_description desc;

    if (!descriptionInitialized)
        // TODO: maybe add groupings (audioreceiver, audiosender, videoreceiver, videosender)
            ("help,h", "produce help")
            ("receiver,r", po::bool_switch(), "this process is a receiver")
            ("sender,s", po::bool_switch(), "this process is a sender")
            ("address,i", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "provide ip address of remote host")
            ("videocodec,v", po::value<string>()->default_value("mpeg4"), "videocodec (mpeg4,h263,h264,theora)")
            ("audiocodec,a", po::value<string>()->default_value("raw"), "audiocodec (raw,vorbis,mp3)")
            ("videosink,k", po::value<string>()->default_value("xvimagesink"), "video output "
            ("audiosink,l", po::value<string>()->default_value("jackaudiosink"), "audio output (jackaudiosink,alsasink,pulsesink)")
            ("audioport,t", po::value<int>(), "audioport number (1024-65535")
            ("videoport,p", po::value<int>(), "videoport number (1024-65535)")
            ("fullscreen,f", po::bool_switch(), "display video in fullscreen")
            ("shared-video-id,B", po::value<string>()->default_value("shared_memory"), "name for shared video buffer output")
            ("deinterlace,o", po::bool_switch(), "deinterlace video on reception")
            ("videodevice,d", po::value<string>()->default_value("/dev/video0"), "name of video device (/dev/video0,/dev/video1)")
            ("videodisplay", po::value<string>(), "display to use for video output (:0.0,:0.1)")
            ("audiodevice,q", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "name of audio device (hw:0,hw:2,plughw:0,plughw:2)")
            ("videolocation,L", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "video filename")
            ("audiolocation,K", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "audio filename")
            ("version,w", po::bool_switch(), "display version info")
            ("numchannels,c", po::value<int>()->default_value(2), "number of audio channels")
            ("videobitrate,x", po::value<int>()->default_value(3000000), "video bitrate (1000000,3000000)")
            ("videoquality,X", po::value<int>()->default_value(32), 
                    "use specified video quality instead of bitrate for theora (0-63)")
            ("audioquality", po::value<double>()->default_value(-1.0), "quality for compressed audio (0.0-1.0)")
            ("audiobitrate", po::value<int>()->default_value(0), "bitrate for compressed audio in kbps "
            ("audiosource,e", po::value<string>()->default_value("jackaudiosrc"), 
             "audio input (jackaudiosrc,alsasrc,pulsesrc)")
            ("videosource,u", po::value<string>()->default_value("videotestsrc"), 
                    "video input (v4l2src,dc1394src,v4lsrc,dv1394src)")
            ("timeout,z", po::value<int>()->default_value(0), "time in ms to wait before quitting, 0=run indefinitely")
            ("audio-buffer,b", po::value<int>()->default_value(15), "size of audio buffer in milliseconds, must be >= 10")
            ("jitterbuffer,g", po::value<int>()->default_value(50), "size of receiver's rtp jitterbuffers in milliseconds, must be > 1")
            ("camera-number,G", po::value<int>()->default_value(-1), "camera id for dc1394src")
            ("camera-guid,U", po::value<std::string>()->default_value("0"), "camera guid for dc1394src")
            ("multicast-interface,I", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "interface to use for multicast (eth0,eth1)")
            ("enable-controls,j", po::bool_switch(), "enable gui controls for adjusting the jitterbuffer")
            ("disable-jack-autoconnect,J", po::bool_switch(), "make sure milhouse's "
                    "jack audio ports don't connect on startup")
            ("jack-client-name,O", po::value<string>()->default_value(""), "name of jack-client")
            ("disable-caps-negotiation", po::bool_switch(), "prevent media capabilities (caps) from being communicated over tcp")
            ("debug,D", po::value<string>()->default_value("info"), "level of logging verbosity (string/int) "
            ("window-title,W", po::value<string>()->default_value("Milhouse"), "title for video window")
            ("framerate,F", po::value<int>()->default_value(30), "framerate for video (15,30)")
            ("list-cameras,H", po::bool_switch(), "list connected cameras")
            ("list-v4l2", po::bool_switch(), "list connected V4L2 devices")
            ("width,N", po::value<int>()->default_value(videosize::WIDTH), "width for video capture")
            ("height,Y", po::value<int>()->default_value(videosize::HEIGHT), "height for video capture")
            ("display-width,P", po::value<int>(), "width for video on display"
             "(scales output video width)")
            ("display-height,Q", po::value<int>(), "height for video "
             "(scales output video height)")
            ("grayscale,M", po::bool_switch(), "force dc1394 capture to grayscale")
            ("aspect-ratio,A", po::value<string>()->default_value("4:3"), "picture aspect ratio (4:3,16:9)")
            ("localvideo", po::bool_switch(), "display local video only")
            ("localaudio", po::bool_switch(), "local audio only")
            ("flip-video", po::value<string>()->default_value("none"), "flip video (none, clockwise, rotate-180, "
             "counterclockwise, horizontal-flip, vertical-flip, upper-left-diagonal, upper-right-diagonal)")
            ("v4l2-standard", po::value<string>(), "set v4l2 standard (NTSC,PAL)")
            ("v4l2-input", po::value<int>(), "set v4l2 input (0,1,2)")
            ("x-window-id", po::value<unsigned long>()->default_value(0), "set x-window-id to display video in an existing window")
            ("vumeter-id", po::value<unsigned long>()->default_value(0), "id of the socket where the vumeters will be displayed")
            ("max-channels", po::bool_switch(), "print the maximum number of "
             "channels milhouse can send for the selected audiocodec")
            ("dump-pipeline", po::bool_switch(), "outputs a dotfile representation of this process' pipeline")
            ("text-overlay", po::value<string>(), "overlays given text on video sink (receiver side only)")
            ("gst-version", po::bool_switch(), "prints the version number of the GStreamer (core) library currently installed")

        descriptionInitialized = true;

    return desc;

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